Our Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors has helped AFC become a leader in the prevention of child abuse in Androscoggin County and the Lewiston/Auburn community for 40 years.



Jason Chadbourne, Treasurer Jason.Chadbourne@td.com
Barbara Chadburn Barbara.Chadburn@td.com
Robinson Copland robinsoncopland@gmail.com
Kathryn Grefer-Kirkland kgrefkirk@aol.com
Stephen Jacobs, MD JacobsS@cmhc.org
Steve Lamontagne slamontagne@oacpas.net
Jaci Peterson, Co-Chair jpeterson@sandcastlemaine.org
Peter Rinck peter@rinckadvertising.com
Matt Simard Mtsimard29@hotmail.com
David Smirles, Co-Chair dsmirles@androscogginbank.com
Charlie Weaver cweaver@lewistonmaine.gov