School-Based Prevention Education

Advocates for Children offers a comprehensive approach to child sexual abuse prevention by presenting developmentally appropriate curriculum that is trauma-informed. The curriculum is designed to utilize health-focused strategies that match children and youth’s social emotional level and increase protective factors such as communication skills, empathy, and knowledge of support systems. The lessons are presented in such a way that the child will receive the tools needed to speak up by discussing how to be assertive, who to seek support from, and that no matter what, abuse is never the child’s fault.

A new bill was passed that requires Maine elementary schools to include age-appropriate instruction on child sexual abuse prevention for all students enrolled in public preschool programs and Kindergarten to grade 5.  The “stranger danger” talk is important but not enough. Over 90% of child sexual abuse is typically non-violent and done by someone who has a relationship with the child. Child sexual abuse isn’t as simple as a touch that hurts children’s private parts. Perpetrators use “grooming tactics” to confuse children and maintain control and secrecy. Children need to be told explicitly that no one should ever touch their private parts, they have the right to say “no” to a touch they do not want or like, and to always tell a trusted adult if something does happen.

We serve any and all elementary schools in Androscoggin County that choose to partner with us. Our lessons are designed for children in Kindergarten, 2nd, 4th and 6th grades.

Contact: Alex Smith, trained School-Based Prevention Educator,  licensed Early Childhood Teacher and background in Child Development Psychology.

Please reach out for more information about lesson content or to schedule lessons at your school:

(207) 783-3990 ext. 209